Ayn Rand Institute Endorses War Profiteering

Oil Companies Should Not Apologize for Their Record Profits
"American oil companies should be proud of the record profits they earn through honest and productive work.
Oil companies are in business to make as big a profit as they are able to--and they have an obligation to their shareholders to do exactly that. A company's right to the pursuit of profit--like an individual's right to the pursuit of happiness--is essential to America's freedom, greatness and prosperity.
Just as there can never be an "excessive" or "obscene" amount of personal happiness, there can never be an "excessive" or "obscene" amount of profits."

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute

(Of course the fact that the profits are because of instability caused by a war started by "big" oil men doesn't factor inanywhere.)


Watchdog Watcher said...

Isn't it strange how these types always interpret the "pursuit of happiness" as the persuit of money. And it's alway the pursuit for the already wealthy that concerns them most. If you're poor and pursue money to become happy through activities like ,working at a job, that never seems to balance in the objectivist equation.I guess it follows the objectivist mold. A=A, Happiness = a Fat Wallet. More happiness = a Fatter Wallet.

Anonymous said...

Big Oil??? Isn't that how George got into office.....with a little help from his brother??? Or Iraq, vietnam???