The Turd Decree...

Overheard at OTBL:

N. Onimous: "It's too bad all of that hard work will be for nothing. Without any organized opposition 2nd Choice-2 Names and the 7 Mental Dwarfs barely got an elementary school. This next referendum will be met with stiff opposition that will be well funded and highly organized. Good luck lefties, you're going to need it."

Our analysis:
The last referendum had no "organized opposition." No kidding. Mr. Peanut was in charge. What do you expect? The next one will be "well funded and highly organized"??? Who the heck is he kidding? You mean, someone other than Mr. Peanut will be in charge this time? It's going to be well funded by a door-to-door nut sales fundraiser? Give me a break and stop by for a load of rotten plywood.

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