Let's Play Name A New Richmond School Building

NR School Board requests public input
Gail Winship New Richmond News
Published Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The New Richmond School Board is seeking public input from those
residing in the School District.

Your opinion is requested on whether or not all three (West, East and
future) elementary schools should be given new names at this time.

This is the first step in the process to name the elementary
school(s). If the public is interested in naming all three, the School
Board will implement a plan to choose three names.

If the community wishes East and West Elementary to remain so named,
requests for naming the new school will then be solicited.

Please send your opinion on naming one elementary or three - no names
are being accepted at this point - to Frank Norton, principal of West
Elementary at frankn@newrichmond.k12.wi.us.

Once the Board knows how many schools will be named, requests for
public input will be issued for name suggestions.

Here are a few to start the fun:

North Shore Wing Nut Institute
Anonymous School of Slander


Price of Sin Reduced 2 Days Only said...

How about The New Kremlin Government
Communist Academy and Spa?

Please explain said...

Didn't the New Richmond resident taxpayers vote overwhelmingly for the referendum to build new schools? So why do I keep reading crap on OTBL about how the school district is foisting this on the taxpayers? The taxpayers voted for it. They took the burden on themselves, voluntarily and knowingly. Time for the borderwhiners to move on to losing other battles.

Floundering Fathers said...

Don't forget the borderwhiners don't support democracy, according to them it's not in the Constitution.

Roadkill said...


As the Constitutional Covention was adjourning in Philadelphia in 1787, a woman asked of a prominent delegate "Well Dr. Franklin, what have we got - a republic or a monarchy?" To which he replied "A republic, Madam, if you can keep it!"

Alas, we haven't. We have managed to turn it into a democracy.

Ink Stained Wretch said...


"We have managed to turn it into a democracy."
Thank God!!!
What is wrong with you people?, to be against Democracy?

Ink Stained Wretch said...

I hate to stoop to quoting Wikipedia but....

"Modern criticism of democracy comes mainly from theocratics, communists, fascists, monarchists, libertarians, classical-liberals, traditional conservatives and anarchists."

Which of these fruitcake groups do you identify with? No matter which one it is everyone of these ideologies is out of the mainstream and I'll fight to keep it that way.

Roadkill said...


Democracy comes in various forms, some more direct than others. My point is that the founders saw dangers in a polity where unlimited suffrage could lead to a tyranny of the majority at best, and mob rule at worst. So they devised a republic were there is some separation between the government and the people – not enough to make government aloof and unresponsive, but enough to keep current public passions from dictating bad policy.

In pure democracy, people decide issues. Every act is agreed to by a mass vote. In a Republic, people don’t decide issues; rather, people decide who is going to decide for them.

I’m not against democracy; I’m for the form of it called a Republic.

666 said...


Somewhere along the line, the unwashed masses of the US got it into their heads that we have the kind of democracy of the people, by the people and for the people.

Maybe such nonsense came with the expansion of public schools? Maybe the communists and socialists have taken over at the grassroots and have confused the unwashed massed.

History seems to show that our country has run into problems with the unwashed masses when the gap between rich and poor widens.