Free Market Innovation Goes Nuts!!!

Radical times call for radical designs and, in today's free market, the sky is the limit!

In the photo above, a Nissan Motor Co. staff drives the Japanese auto maker's electric vehicle Pivo 2 out from a tiny parking space during a demonstration of the 'concept' car in Tokyo Friday, Oct. 5, 2007. The ball-shaped car, being shown at the Tokyo auto show later this month, can squeeze into tight spots without backing up or tight steering because its wheels turn 90 degrees and the cabin part of the car turns full circle.

A car being developed by a local entrepeanuter is drawing a great deal of attention -- especially for those who happen to be out late at night. Powered entirely by biofuel, i.e., spent peanut shells, this car, like its desinger, has people in the community turning their heads.


Planter's Oil Company said...

That Peanutmobile looks really fuel efficient. Do you think it gets 7 or 8 mpg? Oh wait, I bet it runs on bio-peanut-diesel.

#3 said...

I think the MPG goes up because of an excess generation of hot air that acts as a cushion from the reality of the government road the cruiser travels on.