Noam Chomsky - America is not a Democracy


Tim Roth said...

The part when he talks about minimal differences between Democrats and Republicans was really interesting. I believe this is direct result of both parties taking positions in relation to the other party instead of standing for what they really believe.

One remedy to this problem is getting rid of the two-party system. Instant-runoff voting would be an effective way to establish multiple parties. With this system of voting, you can rank somebody like Ralph Nader as your 1st choice and a centrist like Hillary Clinton as your second, etc. This system allows you to vote for who really want (without the feeling that you are throwing away your vote), instead of voting against somebody you really don't like.

666 said...

I agree with Chomsky's points about not much of a difference between the two parties. I'm not sure how you break the two party system.

It's interesting to listen to the Republican lap dogs, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc., paint Hillary as the loony left...when she's actually leaning to the center. Likewise, all Republicans candidates are ignoring every Democrat but Hillary...unless of course the others say something stupid that provides a couple of days MoveOn.org connecting by Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.

My personal choices are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinnich, when it comes to honesty and party ideals. However, the are ignored by the party powers and are considered unelectable. Gee, if Paul would just start using phrases like "nuke the ragheads," he'd gain the fruitcake foundation of the party.

FDR Groupie said...


Everybody paints Kucinnich as a fruitcake when actually he stands for the traditional Democratic values.

666 said...


Ditto for Ron Paul. I think both Kucinnich and Paul are anti-corporate and therefore get thrown under the bus by their repsective party bureaucrats whose livelihood depends on suckling the corporate nipple. I believe Chomsky mention this in his talk.

No Hungry for Chicken Pot Pies said...

Ron Paul sounds good to me until he starts in say he'll abolish every dept. of the Federal government. Funny how we have so many food supply incidents. It's worse than in the 40s and 50s. My take is that the USAD has been cut so deeply that they don't perform inspections at the same level as they did before the Shrub took office.