On The Borderline Line Construction Consulting

Luke calls his neighbor who recently built a brick wall. His neighbor hangs up on him, because Luke's the reason the neighbor built the wall. So Luke calls Lil Bill in Stone Pine where everyone has a brick wall, because he knows Lil Bill knows it all.

"Lil Bil", Luke says, "I'm a gonna build da brick wall about da same size as yours. How many pallets of da bricks did you get?"

"Ten", says Lil Bil.

So Luke buys 10 pallets and proceeds to build a beautiful fence for his wife the bread winner. When he's finished, Luke is surprised to find that he used only four pallets.

He calls Lil Bill. "Hey Lil Bil, I yust finished wit buildin' da
fence and I've a got six pallets of da bricks left over."

"Ya, Luke" says Lil Bil, "So did I. Hell, if I could do anything other than write rambling, incoherent jibberish about the virtues of a free market economy I'd have a job and it obviously wouldn't be consulting with unemployed, wing nuts like you on how to build a damn fence."

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Kowboy K Kurtass said...

You damn kids!!! I'll get you for doing that to my wall!!!!