Looking For Original Thinking...

It's Not At OnTheBorderLine.Net

Have you every wonder just how unoriginal some bloggers are? Take the local blog ontheborderline.net -- PLEASE!!! Currently there is a fresh post by a Lieutenant Dan titled "Centrist, My Ass." It's a short one posted at 10:08 AM today (6/05):

"Billary Clinton was still touting her brand of socialism in an event yesterday by a socialist justice movement group called the Sojourners. She went on and on and on using her socialist class warfare rhetoric pushing for social justice in regards to health care and energy. Remember in the past she has said, "We're going to take things away form you on behalf of the common good." straight out of Marx 101. Centrist? My ass."

I'm sure you're yawning to yourself, "Such originality...zzzzzzzzz."

If so, you would be wrong. The key phrase in Lt. Dan's post is: "We're going to take things away form you on behalf of the common good." A little blog research will show you that Lt. Don can't even make up an original statement. He had to go lift in from the vast right wing conspiracy at the Townhall blog. A little research tells us the time line of Lt. Don's lack of creativity:

1. Reporter Amanda Carpenter of Townhall blog did a post titled "Clinton: "Something Has to be Taken Away from Some People" on Monday evening.

2. A blog called The Brown Pelican Society, a lay Catholic, pro-life blog out of Louisiana, at 8:05 AM this morning posted a piece titled: HILLARY'S MARXIST MANTRA: "WE'RE ALL FAILURES....WE'RE GOING TO TAKE THINGS AWAY FROM YOU ON BEHALF OF THE COMMON GOOD."

This piece came directly from the Town Hall post.

3. A blog called Stotting Over Again did a post this morning 6/5 @ 9:39 AM titled: "Didn't Karl Marx Say This First?" and the total post consisted of the following: We’re going to take things away form you on behalf of the common good.”-Hillary Clinton. The Stotting doesn't attribute the quote to anyone.

4. Our wing-nut neighbors over at ontheborderline.net did their post Tuesday morning at 10:08 AM.

Lt. Don in his OTBL post states that "Remember in the past she has said, 'We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.' straight out of Marx 101." I don't actually recall Clinton saying this Lt. Don. Maybe you could footnote your statement with the time and date she said this exact statement.

Over at Townhall, Amanda Carpenter, who apparently actually watched or listed to this discussion, said Clinton said “We’re going to take things away form you on behalf of the common good.”

I can find only four hits on Clinton's phrase. It apparently originated from the Townhall blog. Comments on the Townhall post dribble on about Clinton exposing herself as a Marxist. Since Clinton was talking about health care, I suppose we should lump the CEO's of the Big Three automakers in with her. The Townhall post didn't called Clinton a Marxist, but pretty much all the comments on the story said she was. Here's a favorite:

Goshawk writes: Monday, June, 04, 2007 11:19 PM

I use to think Hitlery was just an extreme Liberal Socialist. Now I'm sure, she is pure Communist! This woman is insane! She needs to be removed from our government period! Any American who would even consider this nut-case for president is not thinking about the welfare or the preservation of our Republic!

From a couple of comments we've had dumped on this blog concerning Hillary Clinton, it's pretty clear she's the target of the right wing. To say it's a conspiracy would be silly. Call it what it is "politics as usual." It's pretty obvious that the Republicans don't have anything to put up against Hillary Clinton. Newt and Gulliani got those icky divorce things to explain. Ron Paul is sinking fast, as the Marxist wing of the Republican Party does it's best to drown him out. Fred Thompson is rising as the Barney Fifth of the Pary of Dumbo. A few of the local Republican brass in the St. Croix Valley have been seen doing a cemetery walk trying to did up the bones of Ronald Reagan. Just think, in another 17 months, we'll get vote for our next President.

Yawn...Marxist my ass. Hey Ontheborderline.net, how about a little original thought and creativity?

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