It's The Class War Stupid

From a post on Globalize This:

"The book begins with a simple question? Why in 1993 did President Clinton sell his own party the American working class--his Democratic base--down the river to implement NAFTA, a revolutionary policy spawned by Reagan and propelled by Pere Bush? By so doing, Clinton broke the camel's back of Democratic control of the Congress and drove the nail in the coffin of the American labor movement that helped put him in office. In pursuit of an answer, Faux takes his reader on a tour through the battlefield of the global class war (I promise, that's the last of my cliches for the posting), exploring the historical development of this consolidating transnational class, and the devasting effects they are wreaking on the world social order."

"Though a book like this is long overdue, it is a timely entree to the public policy debates on the left at a time when the left is drifting rudderless in a sea of hawkish Republican-led (and many Democrats-condoned) imperialism. The collection of economic policies that have come to be known as "globalization" are in fact a coherent political platform for the global elite class designed to revolutionize the social and political institutions that underpin the distribution of wealth and income within and between countries. Though what we know as "globalization" are largely political changes, the changes are happening not through open, democratic political processes. Rather, they transpire in secretive international summits, in archane decisions taken by insulated government technocracies, in dimly lit five star hotel bars, and wherever else the global class of business and political elites convene to chortle, fete, and conspire."

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