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Road rage: Robbinsdale cop shot in Coon Rapids
A Robbinsdale police officer wounded in both legs at a busy Coon Rapids intersection was released from the hospital late Thursday.

"An undercover Robbinsdale police officer was shot in both legs Thursday afternoon after a road rage incident involving a man driving with his family in a busy area of Coon Rapids."

"He was on duty, wearing plain clothes and in an unmarked squad car, when he was shot, said Tim Snell, Coon Rapids deputy police chief. He said it was unclear why the officer was in the city."

"The shooting happened in a very busy area "with all kinds of vehicle and pedestrian traffic," Snell said."

"It caused a very dangerous situation with shots going off in the middle of the day," Snell said. "I'm happy there was no more extensive injuries as far as the number of people."

Nobody else was hurt."

"I don't know if he carries it all the time or if he had it for a special occasion today," Snell said.


Kalvyn Clean said...

According to the St.Paul paper, the undercover cop pulled his gun, failed to identify himself as an officer, and aimed the gun at the other man's wife. The other man, who is a private security guard and has a carry permit, pulled his gun and shot first, then pulled away from the scene. He then drove a few blocks away and called 911.

So who's at fault here?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the concealed carry permit holder in this case may have kept himself safe from a rogue cop.

Here's what the Pioneer Press is reporting now:

"The Coon Rapids man arrested in the Thursday shooting of an undercover police officer in a road rage confrontation said he shot in "self defense" as he was released this afternoon without being charged.

"After meeting with Coon Rapids police, prosecutors opted today to not charge 35-year-old Martin Scott Treptow, said the prosecutor overseeing the case.

"Coon Rapids police did not rule out the county prosecutor filing charges against the officer."

While the crime-deterring effects of concealed carry laws vary from state to state and study to study, one finding is consistent in all cases: the percentage of permit holders convicted of firearm violations is exceptionally low, and is measured in the hundreths of 1 percent of all permit holders.

666 said...

It will be interesting to see how the facts shake out on this story. From what I've read, it looks that Mr. Treptow was defending has family. But there are many details that seem to be missing from the story. What caused the chase? Doesn't the undercover cop have a siren or something to alert the car he is pursuing? How would trading shoots while driving a car with someone else driving a car qualify as "trying to protect my family?" Who is the road rager is the story? Why did the civilian pull over and have gun play on terra ferma? Was the cop in the wrong and a hot head with a gun? Maybe we need more laws and restrictions concerning undercover police and what the can and can't pursuit?

Ink Stained Wretch said...

My guess is that there is much to this story that the public will never know about. It's hard to believe a well trained undercover cop would arbitrarily pull a gun on a private citizen. If he did, it will probably be covered up.
This probably isn't the best story to
make the point that "THERE ARE TOO MANY DAMN HANDGUNS IN THE HANDS OF EVERYBODY IN THE USA!!. I don't know or think that gun control legislation is the answer but promoting guns in the hands of more and more people sure the hell isn't.
Now the NRA and the gun lobby want to push kids to carry in schools.
This is lunacy. When the SWAT team answers a call to a school shooting ,who should THEY shoot first. Should the guess who's the bad guy or just shoot everybody with a gun?


Anonymous said...

Ink Stained Wretch,

Do you have any substantiation for your assertion that "Now the NRA and the gun lobby want to push kids to carry in schools."? I have never, ever heard of such a policy initiative by any group, and particularly not by the NRA.

Besides Hunter Safety Education -- which is about 80% gun safety and education (and the balance about hunting laws and hunter ethics) -- the only NRA youth program I am aware of is "Eddie Eagle" which teaches kids who find guns to 1) don't touch it, 2) leave the area, and 3) tell an adult.

Frankly, I think your assertion is a canard of the first order. You are obviously a gun control advocate, but to make up (or pass along) false stories just to feign outrage ("This is lunacy") is itself outrageous.

Again, I look forward to seeing any reference or documentation for your allegations.

Ink Stained Wretch said...

See latest post: