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"Not 1 in 10,000 Republican conservatives has an inkling of the most basic insights of the old liberal faith in freedom, to say nothing of the founders' fears of government power. For most of them, the proper political philosophy amounts to nothing more than power lust backed by chauvinism."

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


Anonymous said...

What was wrong with the leftists' worldview in the 1990s and today? Essentially it is this: they see society as unworkable by itself. They believe it has fundamental flaws and deep-rooted conflicts that keep it in some sort of structural imbalance. All these conflicts and disequilibria cry out for government fixes, for leftists are certain that there is no social problem that a good dose of power can't solve.

If the conflicts they want are not there, they make them up. They look at what appears to be a happy suburban subdivision and see pathology. They see an apparently happy marriage and imagine that it is a mask for abuse. They see a thriving church and think the people inside are being manipulated by a cynical and corrupt pastor. Their view of the economic system is the same. They figure that prices don't reflect reality but instead are set by large players. There is a power imbalance at the heart of every exchange. The labor contract is a mere veneer that covers exploitation.

To the brooding leftist, it is inconceivable that people can work out their own problems, that trade can be to people's mutual advantage, that society can be essentially self managing, or that attempts to use government power to reshape and manage people might backfire. Their faith in government knows few limits; their faith in people is thin or nonexistent. This is why they are a danger to liberty. We knew this in the 1990s, and we know this today.

The remarkable fact about the conflict theory of society held by the Left is that it ends up creating more of the very pathology that they believe has been there from the beginning. The surest way to drive a wedge between labor and capital is to regulate the labor markets to the point that people cannot make voluntary trades. Both sides begin to fear each other. It is the same with relations between races, sexes, the abled and the physical and mentally challenged, and any other groups you can name. The best path to creating conflict where none need exist is to put a government bureaucracy in charge.

Next time, try being a little bit honest as to the message of the whole article. You conveniently left out the part about socialists like you.

At Least I Work For A Living said...

The quote came from the Free Market News Service. They also left out the part about socialists like me...whatever that means.

Check it out for yourself dude:


Blinded by the Right said...

Hey Anonymous,

Just a reminder, the 1990's were a time of 8 uninterupted years of unprecedented buisness growth, under a liberal president. Those were the days, these are not!

I suggest you adjust you monical for a clearer insight into reality!

What a Crock said...

Way to go Kowboy!
Criticize the semi-crackpots by quoting a real one.