April is Celebrate Lunacy Month at OTBL

OTBL Wisdom:

"As a teacher or spouse of a teacher, they are not taxpayers, but rather the recipients of taxes paid by others. Whatever taxes they nominally fork over are simply a net result of the tax proceeds they have received in the form of wages and salary. It is self-evident that 100%of the income they obtain and keep is from the proceeds of taxation from others.

Denial of the right to vote to teachers and their spouses would serve to protect the taxpaying citizens of the Hudson School District from the predatory attacks of those who live off their taxes, and incessantly attempt to tax them more as time goes by."



666 said...

To follow the OTBL "logic," one would then say that a soldier in the US Army would also be a thief. They sign a contract for X number of years and are paid with taxpayers' dollars. Of course, US soldiers are not members of unions and are actually more like indentured servants. However, firemen and policemen belong to unions and are paid by the taxpayers.

Of course, all these jobs could be privatized, as the post on Blackwater shows.

Anonymous said...

Gross Comp Name Location
$162,751.00 Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten Hudson
$140,729.00 Sandra Kovatch Hudson
$140,661.00 Timothy Erickson Hudson
$136,500.00 Nancy Sweet Hudson
$132,561.00 Ed Lucas Hudson High
$130,291.00 Jennifer Ninneman Hudson
$128,315.00 Daniel Koch Hudson Middle
$122,083.00 Melissa Gould Hudson Prairie Elementary
$122,066.00 Amy Hamborg Rock Elementary
$122,050.00 Peggy Shoemaker Houlton Elementary
$121,973.00 Anissa Cravens North Hudson Elementary
$113,363.00 Dennis Toll Hudson High
$113,281.00 Scott Huffman Hudson High
$108,885.00 Dianne Franklin Hudson Middle
$108,666.00 James Dalluhn Hudson Middle
$104,114.00 Barbara Rebhuhn Hudson
$103,939.00 Patricia Hodges Willow River Elementary
$103,065.00 Wendy Langer Hudson High
$71,133.00 Lisa Hayes Houlton Elementary
$69,885.00 Thomas Hellmers Hudson

$2,356,311.00 = Total

Plus 100% taxpayer funded pensions. I think that states the argument rather nicely, don't you?

Kowboy K. Kurtass said...

My Mommy almost makes that much money. This seems like a lot of money, especially to guy like me who went to Southern Illinois Universtiy -- one of the most radical universities in the world. Heck, even the coal miners in Carbondale were communists. Gee maybe if I would have dung my homework, I could have been a teacher. I sort of live by this motto:

There are those who can get a job and make a living and there are other like me who like to sit at home and blog-bitch about those that can actually get a job.