I Solemnly Swear

"Each person killed by Uncle Sam's terrible swift sword has had family and friends, and they are not happy. Decade after decade, the federal government's enemies have accumulated, and today they surely number in the hundreds of millions."

Richard Maybury


Anonymous said...

Your an asshole. Yeah Uncle Sam's Shit list has grown, but there are fuckers in this world that like Osama, Achemdinajad (please forgive me for my spelling), chaves (another spelling) we have to be worried. Are you telling me we should just let those people go unmonitored or forgotten about. No is not good or nice that innocent people die becuase of that, but if we do nothing they will be brainwashed or be killed by their leaders anyway. I'll refer to an John Stuart Mills quote "War [and fighting] is an ugly thing, but the decayed and degraded state of mind which thinks nothing is worth fighting for is far worse" please realize force is sometimes necessary in keeping people safe.

Uncle Sam said...

Are we fuckers and assholes beecause we post someones quote to generate a little blog discussion? Seems that it is either your way or the highway. If you took a serious look at the role of our government over the last century, you would see that there is some relevancy to this quote.