The World According to Anonymous: Part 1

In order to better understand the world according to Anonymous, it is best to crack the shell our favorite commenter's insights and consume them in bite-sized chunks, i.e. one peanut at a time. Below is our first installment of the World According to Anonymous. In the comment section, feel free to debate and discuss your take on Mr. Anonymous's worldview in the comments section.

"What was wrong with the leftists' worldview in the 1990s and today? Essentially it is this: they see society as unworkable by itself. They believe it has fundamental flaws and deep-rooted conflicts that keep it in some sort of structural imbalance. All these conflicts and disequilibria cry out for government fixes, for leftists are certain that there is no social problem that a good dose of power can't solve. "


666 said...

I would Mr. A looks at the world with only two colors in mind: white and black. Society works many things out be itself. However, there are some things that need the guiding hand of well, thoughtout regulation to make things work.

Many of the fixes Mr. A generalizes about are the result of unchecked greed focusing on maximizing profits by minimizing costs and ignoring the crap being dumped into the air, ground, water, minds of our children, etc.

Is it the "leftists" crying out for regulation? It seems the "rightists" call for the regulation of a woman's body. It seems the right calls for restricting as much of the libertarian social agenda as possible.

Maybe Mr. A could point out few problems that he sees with the reality of the world according to the right. He would have to step out from under his theory hat and discuss reality for once. To paint everyone who doesn't swallow his worldview as a leftist is pure conrball crackpot. Does Mr. A see anyone standing to right of his world view.

Get Right Dude said...

Firstly, do not expect much truth from them or anything like it. I’m not saying loony lefties always lie or that they never tell the truth, they just don’t know the difference. Many leftist websites are based on a grain of truth but have fun trying to find it (Remember the Soviets called their newspaper Pravda). Secondly, have you noticed that if you find yourself in an argument with one of these people, you end up on the back foot? No surprise there, I’m afraid. Looney lefties arguments are based on a formula rather than any belief, largely because they have no genuine belief in anything. Their weapon is total nihilism. From the outset aggressive arguments and supporting statistics ooze out of them with disturbing ease but in spite of appearances, these people are neither intelligent nor informed, just incredibly well-rehearsed. They have had the same argument many times before and they are word perfect. You are just another gullible dupe sucked in by their outrageous opening rhetoric. Don’t try to fathom what they believe in because they won’t tell you, only that they are opposed to whatever it is you claim believe, particularly democracy which they brand as inefficient (Nazis and Stalinists were efficient), religion (they are atheists) and any thing western (they are Anti-American, anti- British, anti-Western and anti-white), a curiosity in itself as many of them share those same characteristics. In short, they find out your core beliefs and use them against you.

Looney leftists like to give the impression that they care passionately about whatever it is that they are campaigning against at any given time and they come across as very committed people but don’t let them fool you. The following week they are just as passionate and committed to something entirely different having conveniently forgotten last week’s cause. (What about saving the whale? Shaddap and eat your sushi!). This doesn’t stop them from revisiting old causes when it suits their purpose, Palestine being a case in point but don’t be deceived that they give a damn. To them, Arabs, just like anything else these people rant about are just so many pathetic ciphers in the anti-capitalist class war and another stick with which to beat America and the west.

I have never met a lefty who had an original idea in his or her life. Most of them refer you to leftist web sites to support their spurious claims,which is why, when they are challenged they resort to smears, abuse and name calling - bog standard lefty tactics. When they start doing that, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have conceded the argument, only that they can’t find a web site with the right answer and they are blaming you for their own inadequacy. To, conclude, they have little or no sense of humour and, like the Islamists, they are very vulnerable to lampooning. So when in doubt, ridicule them. They have neither the wit nor the wisdom to retaliate.

Ink Stained Wretch said...

Hey Right Dude:
you said:

"To, conclude, they have little or no sense of humour and, like the Islamists, they are very vulnerable to lampooning. So when in doubt, ridicule them. They have neither the wit nor the wisdom to retaliate."

We've observed this monitoring the
OTBL wing nuts for years now. I never knew that in reality they are Lefty Loonies. Who'd a Thunk it?

If you think the sleep inducing posts at OTBL are more humorous than this sight....
You need a good humor transplant yourself.