Finger Pickin' Good

In case you feel like singing along.

There’s blog group who’s sure all their words are gold
As they soak in their hot tub called heaven.
When you get there, you know because their minds are all closed
With no word you can make sense of.
Ooh, ooh and they soak in their hot tub called heaven.

There’s a peanut in that tub that we like to rub
Cause his egotistical words have no rational meaning.
A dead tree by the brook, there’s no songbirds to sing
His free market poisons our valley with drivel
Ooh, it makes North Hudson wonder,
Ooh, it makes Hudson wonder.

There's a feeling you get when you look at his blog,
And your lunch it starts to heaving.
In his eyes are dollar signs on the backs of the poor,
And the helpless people so sore.
Ooh, it makes New Richmond wonder,
Ooh, it really makes Hudson wonder.

And it's whispered that soon he’ll duct tape the moon
Then Mr. Peanut will lead them to treason.
And a dark night will set for those who dare disagree
And their phone calls will echo with hatred.

If there's a bustle in your backyard, do be alarmed now,
It's probably him trying to scare you with his law suit thing.
No, there is only one path you can go by, or your socialist scum
He’ll waste no time on 20 questions, because his road is right on.
And it makes St. Croix county wonder.

If your head is empty and black and white are the colors you know,
Than Mr. Peanut is calling you to join him,
Dear friend, can you hear his empty ideas blow, and did you know
When he talks don’t be caught down wind.

And as he whines on his blog
He comments with F-words rhyming with "shucks."
There walks a peanut vendor we all know
Who calls late at night and wants to know
Why everything he touches is fools gold.

And if you listen very hard
You’ll understand why he’s always last.
Yes he is the one ignored by all
but you won't see his name on the pukatorium wall.

And he’s alone in his hot tub in heaven.

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Robert Planters said...

Kowboy- That was Be You tee ful!
I'm gittin all musty eyed.