In New Richmond - Outside Aggitators Unwelcome

Borderline Ad Hominizer Says:

"Mr. Ziller has to be one of the most conflicted individuals residing in the St. Croix Valley. It is obvious that this rule applies to certain individuals from Hudson who have taken the opportunity to speak at some of the New Richmond meetings. What harm does Mr. Ziller see in this? Why is he so concerned about people actually being able to speak at the meetings? .......

Get a grip Bob. If you’d spend a little less time going to lunch with the superintendents and a little more time being concerned about freedom and liberty you’d be a lot better off. "


Off The Wire said...

Here's Bob Ziller's letter in full:

To the Editor:

New Richmond Schools Superintendent Morrie Veilleux should be commended for bringing before the School Board a request for a minor change to the open forum policy.

The change stipulates that only school district taxpayers and residents can address the board during the open session. This is usually scheduled during the first 30 minutes of the monthly school board meeting.

One concern was a employee living outside the district. As was pointed out, an employee has the usual administrative channels of addressing problems or concerns.

What I like about this is that it keeps outside agitators and those who think they know how to better run a school district. I am thinking of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who will no-doubt file a lawsuit objecting to the limitation of free speech. Let them come in and help pay for the schools for the right to the open forum.

One objection might come from a Wisconsin resident who feels that his property taxes via the state help pay for New Richmond’s schools. I can see this argument coming up during the April bond referendum. So be it.

One suggestion I would make is to broaden the policy to prevent politicians from coming into the school system and using the time for lecturing students in the guise of campaigning. It’s the parents who pay for the schools and if it’s important enough to come in for a speech it’s important enough to talk to parents.

Bob Ziller

New Richmond
(Source: The New Richmond News online 2/2/07)

CANRAC said...

While I don't always agree with Bob Z, he will stand up to the OTBL morons and state his opinion. He's also got a very good feel for the community and has done some admirable service to the public in some of the positions he's held. I would imagine he'll get banned from OTBL sooner or later.

Not a Bob said...


You do have to hand it to Ziller. I usually don't agree with him on most things, but nobody can doubt that he really is the Rugged Individualist the other OTBL clowns can only dream about being.
However, mark my word, Bob Ziller will be back in the OTBL cozy corner soon.

a bob said...

Egads, for the first time in my life I agree with a sentence on OTBL!

Calling Ziller the most conflicted person in the county is dead on. Time after time he has "taken on" the OTBL whiners only to turn 180 degrees the minute they chastise him and tell him to drink his Metamucil. He is the ultimate flip-flop persona in New Richmond.

Does he support public schools? Yes, I mean No, I mean Yes, I mean No...

Does he agree with the borderwhiners? Yes, I mean No, I mean Yes, I mean No...

Someday the undertaker will have to put a revolving door in his casket!

not a bob said...

Yes aBob,

But, at least Ziller hasn't drunk the
"no government schools, all taxes are theft koolaid" ..... or has he?

Like the weather around here, we'll have to wait 5 min.s and it could change.