OTBL-TV Unveils Mid-Season Program Line Up

All Carnac All the Time:

Carnac Cartoon Network Tonight:
Carnac Chases Tiger's Tail

Followed by: Carnac at the Pink Flamingo @ 8:00
Carnac give latest OTBL Fashion Advice

At 9:00 don't miss the O'Carnac Factor
with Special Guest Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

Top off the Night with the Fruitcake NEWS @ 10:00.


couch potatoe said...

I can't wait for the new season. This sounds better than American Idle!!!
Way to go OTBL

concerned parent said...

I'm not going to let my kid watch Carnac
Cartoons. He gets enough stupid ideas from watching "JackAss".
I'll bet the Carnac Cartoon Network
has the same producers.
This is going to be an even worse influence.

Dr. Kowboy Kurt said...

I heard they were having a "Sweeps Weeks" contest. The one the can idenify the most nuts on the borderline get treaded on by a pair of loafers. There's no word on which loafers those are...but you can probably guess.

slouch potatoe Quayle said...

If you got HDTV, you can read Carnac's answers before he says them.
Now that's entertainment!