Exxon Mobil posts U.S. record annual profit despite decline in 4Q results

<- At Left: Exxon-Mobil VP Mary Schwartz was almost forced to change careers due to impending layoffs. She rides her moped to work and hopes one day to save enough money to buy a car.


Anonymous said...

To the free market no government interference crowd: the DOD subsidizes Exxon. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naïve.

Ludwig von Appleseed said...

The free market is like an apple tree. You feed manure to the roots that hold up the whole system and all the fruit goes to the branches on top. Occasionally a piece accidently falls to the ground and you have what is call the trickle down theory.

gravity boy said...

Who discovered that trickle down theory?
Isaac Newton?
Did he make it one of the immutable laws
of human action?