Knutson Claims Government Censorship

Government Accused of Censorship Over Global Warming

E-Mails Suggest Officials Stopped Scientist From Talking About Global Warming

(In October 2005 there was a request from CNBC television to interview NOAA scientist Thomas Knutson about the link between hurricanes and global warming.)

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in February, Knutson said his views had been censored.

"NOAA public affairs called and asked what I would say to certain questions, like is there a trend in Atlantic hurricanes. I said I thought there was a possibility of a trend emerging that tropical hurricanes were becoming more intense. They turned down that interview," Knutson said to the newspaper.

"We're increasing greenhouse gases and forcing the climate system in ways that we expect there are going to be very substantial changes in the coming century," he said. "We're trying to figure out what it means in terms of weather and things that impact people day to day, such as storms and heat waves and droughts."

The incident with Knutson echoes a similar recent attempt by administration officials to muzzle another government scientist who spoke out about global warming.

Nasa Scientist Rips Bush on Global Warming

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