OTBL-LG/MF Tours Presents

Sunny Somalian Escape

Anthropogenic climate change may be melting the polar icecaps, but here in Wisconsin we're freezing our butts like we do every February. Do you need to get away and bask in the sun?

Then join OTBL tours for a special winter Less Goverment/ More Freedom Somali Getaway. Are you tired of the cold? Do you hate government? Do you want to get
away?. OTBL LG/MF tours is offering a special package this week only to Sunny Somalia just for you.

Somalia has been without a central Federal Government for the last 16 years, so lovers of liberty, you know where freedom reigns.

And gun lovers, don't dare dream of leaving that AK-47 at home. In Somalia, there's not only no pesky regulations limiting your right to bear arms, you're gonna need that weapon if you want to return alive. It's great fun for the whole family! Don't forget the ammo.
OTBL is offering a special discount 6.6% discount to NRA members just show your
membership card at checking at Hotel Mogadishu.

On your 6 day 7 night tour you'll see things like rioting in the streets, open gunfire, and a totally unregulated trade in Khat the new hip free market drug. (Bring some home for the kiddies.)
So call OTBL tours at 1-800- Somalia and make your reservations today. Hurry, these
tours fill up fast.

1 comment:

Snow Bird said...

I'm freezing, I hate government, I want to get away. But what to hell's Khat?

Count me in. I'm signing up today!

As long as we're not sleeping on cots?