Learn About The Corporate Whores Pedaling Junk Science For Profit

Think tanks and journalists funded by ExxonMobil are out to convince you global warming is a hoax

It is Earth Day and the bloggers over at www.ontheborderline.net are displaying their gospel of "if big business whats it it, it must be good and we shall push for it." You can tell how deeply the OTBL'ers investigate these issues, when they pull FOX News' Steve Milloy out of the hat and forget to mention which corporations are paying him to trash serious science. Remember that the OTBL blog site is being paid by Wal-Mart to publish pro Wal-Mart press releases. Our motives on this blog site are pure and their motives at OTBL are pure cash. For them, money makes the world go round. For us, we believe in fighting to keep the world going round for countless generations to come.

It is very interesting to track the corporate cash flowing to the coffers of the anti-environmental, propaganda lapdogs. An excellent source to get a good overview of this is the 2005 May/June issue of Mother Jones titled "As The World Burns."

Check it out: Mother Jones.

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Corporate Cow said...


You have to remember that that in the twisted world view of OTBL the only Hos they know of are teachers sucking on their tax titty as demonstrated by OTBL Admin's post on

3/20/2006: Quote of the Day (Admin):
“With the possible exception of prostitution, teaching is the only profession that has had absolutely no advance in productivity, in the 2400 years since Socrates taught the youth of Athens.”
- Richard Vedder, in a lecture discussing the performance of the US economy.

Gee, and they say they aren't anti-education!