Debunking libertarian theory: Private highways are the way to go


Cato said...

What does that 'debunk'?

AndyRand said...

This is what happens with more than one player in Twister UNO!

AndyRand said...

Maybe the headline should read:

Libertarians Excercising Their Constitutional Right to the Pursuit of Happiness.

Cato said...

No, not at all. They are breaking the law and causing damage to other people's property.

AndyRand said...


I think the thought of causing damage alluded these two. It was the thirst for competition that drove them to this end.


I heard an interesting comment on talk radio last week in reply to an interview
with someone from the Ayn Rand Insa-toot.
In effect they were saying that the Randist policies in effect right now are indeed hurting people, stripping their pensions, thrusting into poverty or worse. I know you'll deny it, but to me it's fact.

Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays take your pick.

666 said...


You've been around this blog long enough that every headline, story, cartoon and picture doesn't dovetail together in a perfect ballet that makes snese.

There's probably more "bunk" than "debunk" is the headline on this one.

Anonymous said...

Neoliberalism is dead Cato.