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Dear Ayn Randers,
How do I, as a Rugged Individual Objectivist Libertarian resist caving in to the
temptation of participating the the immoral collectivist group think practice of
gift giving and sharing at this time of year? I'll hang up a listen to your answer!

Dear Rugged Individualist Objectivist Libertarian,

Many of us Objectivists experience a greater sense of individualism by standing alone against the archaic and immoral practice of gift giving. My advise is, go to the most decadent and oppulent merchant you can find and empty you wallet on something you've desired all your life. With no money left, your altruistic temptation to spend it on others will vanish.

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The Advice column "Ask Ayn Randers" is provided for the entertainment and enjoyment of our readers. Ayn Randers is a fictious and deceased Objectivist Philosopher who gives advise to those asking, not out of any immoral altruistic impulse, on
the contrary, it comes from a deep seated genetically induced sadistic streak that some may consider a serious character flaw. For those of you actually foolish enough to follow "Ayn Rander's" ludicrous suggestions, you are adviced to seek psychological counciling immediately.
The views expressed by "Ayn Randers"
are her own and are not necessarily those of ATBL1 or it associates.
ATBL1 and it's management accept no responsibility for those requesting and following the advice of Ayn Randers nor from any damages incurred by said idiots.

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