Another Exciting New Product From Ayn Rand Industries

Like most Objectivists, for you, Freedom is key to the pursuit of happiness. That goes for game time just as much as back-breaking, wealth building investment management. Who wants other participants spoiling your me-time by trying to engage in the same activity you're pusuing. That's why Ayn Rand Industries has announced the release of a new, exciting passtime to express the inner liberty of the everyday Libertarian.
Twister UNO. Just roll out the mat and start contorting. It's fun, it's easy, it's safe. What better way to test the benefits of that Cadillac Health Care plan you've been paying into and getting no return. Crank up The Who's "I'm Free" and gyrate ecstatically. Who says Libertarians are only Republican's who smoke pot? With Twister UNO, you can indulge in any mindbending, consciousness warping substance you want. It will only enhance your self indulgent pleasure.
This week for our Holiday Special, Ayn Rand industies is including an absolutely free copy of the "Atheist's Guide to Exploiting Christmas for Fun and Profit". It's an indispensible tool for your wealth building arsenal.
Operators are waiting to take your order at: 1-800-666-Twisted.


Solitaire said...

Twister UNO's a blast.
I only have question?
If it's a one player game, who was grabbing my butt when I were reaching for the yellow dot?

Anonymous said...

That would be an OTBL Rump Ranger.