Their (OTBL) View for the Future of Public Schools

"Of the many school referendums across Minnesota this fall, none may have more at stake than the one in the Park Rapids School District. Officials there say if the referendum fails, they'll be forced to eliminate all extra activities, including sports, fine arts, even the National Honor Society.
Park Rapids would be the first district in the state to take such a drastic step."

"Park Rapids, Minn. — Football is big in Park Rapids. On a crisp Friday evening, the bleachers are packed for the Panther's home opener."

"Most in the crowd are well aware that next year, there may not be any high school football. No sports at all. No high school plays. No band or choir concerts. No speech or debate competitions. Retired teacher Walt Harrison says people in the community are starting to realize that, you know, this is very serious," said Harrison. "And there's just no other places to cut, really.""

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Anonymous said...

no other place to cut huh? The district consists of an elementary, middle, and a high school with a total district enrollment of 1100 students. they are asking for a levy of over 4 million dollars. The district staff includes 32 designated for special ed. and another 47 of various kind.

the quarterback club said...

If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance. Oh, I see you already have.

Anonymous said...

Nice try QB Club. That same old tune just doesn't work anymore. How about cutting the pensions and healthcare of the teachers?