A Conn Job at ontheborderline.net: "Guns Save Lives"

There's are interesting post over at www.ontheborderline.net that is an excellent example of the NRA indoctrination and propaganda that pops up just before an election. Notice the words "democrat" and "liberal" used to describe a 15-year old involved in the school shooting in Cazenovia, Wisconsin yesterday. Since OTBL's Conn is puking out the whole Republican campaign strategy, he might as well have called the kid a "partial birth abortionist" and a "cut and runner."

For your enlightenment, here's Conn's entire post:

"Two recent stories involving lack of firearms really caught my eye. That unfortunate couple in MN who prepared for almost every scenario involving her wacky ex (restraining orders, alarms, disaster drills, calling the police when restraining order violated) who broke in and killed them, if only they would have purchased and trained with a gun!

Today's school shooting in Sauk CO is another example, a heroic janitor saw and restrained and disarmed the 15 year old democrat of a shotgun, the liberal broke away and produced a concealed pistol…too bad the principal and the janitor did not also.

Restraining orders and the police can’t protect you. Only you can do that. Have a nice day, conn."

For an interesting counter perspective to the gun lobby, check out Good Bye Guns.


CANRAC said...

Apparantly Conn thinks all school janitors should be armed. What a f#@%^*# moron.

not conn fused said...

If I'm not mistaken the victim in the domextic abuse case had a new boyfriend who owned a gun and moved in to "protect" her.

norseman said...

The OTBL is missing the point out there!! All of these incidences are tragic, but to presume that more guns will resulve issues that are fare beyound superficial is ludicrous.
Dehumanizing people is an effort to symplify some very complex problems that far to often defy reason. In the school incident, a plan was in place, and they took quick action. It was a tragidy, give some heroic people credit. All to often in this "entertain me society" people (cynical ones that is), are to quick to make judgments before thay know the facts. My guess is that "Conn has never been involved in anything comparable.

conn founded said...

I'm an experience marksman. If a tin can is about to attack, it won't stand a chance against my lightning fast reflexes.

Kalvyn Clean said...

The good-bye guns website is pure lunacy. It suggests that hunting be abolished, and that nobody except police and criminals will have guns.