#1 Progressive Radio Talk Show Host Coming to the St. Croix Valley!!!

Mark Your Calendars For Oct. 8
Big Ed Progressive Festival @ Coachman in Baldwin 1-5 PM
Dinner With Big Ed @ Hudson's Twisted Grille 6:30 PM
The number one progressive radio personality in the nation is coming to St. Croix County on October 8. With over 2.5 million daily listeners, Ed Schultz has been called a “meat eating, gun toting, unabashed liberal.” Since only a handful of newspapers and radio stations in Wisconsin offer a progressive political viewpoint, members of the Democratic Party of St. Croix County are proud to bring “Big Ed” to his first ever Wisconsin speaking engagement. Schultz has agreed to speak at an event in Wisconsin and he is eager to come to a state represented by Senator Russ Feingold.

The LA Times recently wrote that he is “easy to laugh, he comes across at times as an educated good ol' boy, but a good ol' boy who's angry at what he believes to be the hijacking of our democracy by the rich and corporate. While fielding calls from listeners, he speaks up for unions, public schools, farmers, teachers, longshoremen, veterans, minorities and others who've never seen the inside of a stretch limousine.”

The Big Ed Progressive Fest will be held at the Coachman Supper Club in Baldwin, Wisconsin from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday October 8. The festival is a celebration of an emerging progressive movement and a move toward common sense politics. There will be a band, progressive businesses and organizations represented, and political speakers.

Cindy Jahnke, chair of the Visibility Committee of the Democratic Party of St. Croix County, encouraged people to come and listen to Ed. She said, “Six years ago I had a hard time finding a progressive talk show host on the radio. In fact, streaming on the Internet was the only way to hear another side of the story - that is until Air America Radio AM950 started broadcasting a whole slate of progressive hosts.” She added, “the St. Croix County Democratic Party recognizes that we often don’t see or read about Wisconsin politics since we’re so close to Minnesota. We want to change that. The Big Ed Progressive Fest is a huge step toward achieving that change.”

Big Ed can also be heard on Amery's WXCE 1260 AM from 6-8 PM Monday-Friday.

Tickets for the afternoon Big Ed Progressive Fest are $25 for adults and $10 for students. Also on the evening of October 8, there will be a private dinner with Schultz at the Twisted Grill in Hudson beginning at 6: 30 PM. Dinner tickets are $75. To purchase tickets or get more information, go to the Party web site at Western Wisconsin Democrats or call St. Croix County Democrats campaign office at 715-381-9600. Tickets are limited. Order today!

Listen to the Ed Schultz Show.


Cato said...

Sorry, Mischke is on when he is (according to the article; I've never heard of him), and if I listen to the radio, it's gonna be Mischke.

Anonymous said...

Who's Mischke? I've never heard of him. What station?

Cato said...

AM 1500. He's just a local guy and he makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Is he on before Souceray? I listen to Souceray periodically. My brother listens to him all the time. He thinks Souceray takes a pretty balanced libertarian stance. What's you take?

Cato said...

Souceray is on before Mischke, and he's okay. I wouldn't call him libertarian and he is not as funny as Mischke.

Anonymous said...

Big Ed's on from 2-5 PM on 950 AM. You should listen. I'm sure you will agree with pretty much everything he says.

AndyRand said...

Never heard of him!

Who is that some former soviet economist turned super capitalist?
I did listen to AM 1500 once for 15 mins until my stomach became upset.
They're just another wingnut mothpiece for the Bush admin. I will say they did a good Clinton impression though.

I have friends that think Big Ed is too moderate. I think he makes a lot of sense, especially for working people in this country.

Peppie said...

Say this Mischke mouthpiece doesn't happened to by the Soviet capitalist Mikhial who now runs the skunk works know as www.ontheborderline.net?

Cato said...

I highly doubt it, if he is one of those (Orwellian) 'progressives', and I cannot listen to the radio at that time in anyevent.

AM 1500 on the other hand is not a "wingnut mouthpiece"; they no longer have Rush and it's all local personalities and they are fairly different (you might find them wildly different but I view the Republicans and Democrats as the same Party).

Anonymous said...


I do listen to the shows on 1500 AM. I'm glad they got rid of Rush. He's quite the brainwasher for the right wing elite. Isn't interesting who the concentrated money power group is able to get the unthinking, one-issue voters on the right to pull the ballot lever that helps the money power group pick increasingly more money out of the unthinkers. The pied pipers certainly know how to play the tune the sheep will follow.

Cato said...

Rush is not a right winger, he is a neoconservative.

AndyRand said...

"Rush is not a right winger, he is a neoconservative."

I think "Hypocritical Wind Bag Drug Addict" would be my top description.

Boris said...

Easy there Andy. cato is correct. Souceray and mischke are tolerable and entertaining. They are at least more honest in thier leanings than that idiot Tom Bernard on KQ in the morning. Tom used to be a moderate every day joe until his ego matched his huge salary. He has turned into the biggest Bush apologist since Hannity and Rush. I can take souceray and Mischke. I especially like Joe S having Patrick Ruese on. Patrick is one of the biggest liberals in town. Very good banter back and forth.
Too bad we have that idiot Jason Lewis back in town.

Mikhail Ivanovich said...


I think Andy got so worked up about Rush he forgot his best quality.
Big Fat Lard ass liar.

norseman said...

A bit personal, aren't you mikhail ivanovich?

Mikhail Ivanovich said...


Long answer:
We're talking about the lard ass who claimed Bill and Hillary had Vince Foster killed, who PERSONALLY berated
other people who had succumbed to addictions until he did the same.

Since I don't know Rush, and he'll never read this blog, and I don't think he'll be calling the employers of the bloggers here to complain that I called him a lard ass I don't think it matters.

Short Answer: Yes.

Oprah said...

Radio talk show host trivia:

Did you know the Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh were born on the same day in the same year and are the same aga?

Talk Radio Critic said...


It must have been one of those days
the Zodiac was spinning out of control.
I think they're both a couple of nuts.