OTBL advertising?

hahaha Wow.

I seriously have been out of the loop for awhile. When did OTBL start running ads on their site?

hahaha that is too funny


666 said...


Good to hear from you? The ads are all part of the OTBL strategy to acquire enough capital to rule the world.

Who's ads do you like better? Ours or theirs?

CANRAC said...

Pretty soon we'll be seeing promo/testimonials for video cameras, pooper scoopers, forensic experts, private investigators, and of course everybodys favorite......holiday nuts.

AndyRand said...

Don't forget "How to make Millions in Real Estate with NO Money Down".

norseman said...

don't buy the pooper scoopers.... they don't work.

McGruff the Crime Dog said...


You must have bought the N.Onimous brand of pooper scooper from Luke.

I got mine at Fleet Farm and it works great.