Patriotic Thoughts

"Power always thinks it has a great soul, and that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws."
-- John Adams


Anonymous said...

History has proven the truth of this statement time and again. The most notorious thieves and murderers have been those at the helm of government. Though according to the logic of andyrand, as long as it is done through the democratic process there are no moral qualms. Thou shall not steal or murder unless enough people say it is okay.

666 said...

Well of course "Thou shall not steal or murder unless enough people say it is okay." That is what democracy is all about! Of course there are "moral qualms." Are you saying, if we eliminate government, we will be rid of thieves and murders?

What is a lynch mob? It is majority rule. In the US, with maybe 50 percent of the people voting, we don't have majority rule. Of the 50 percent voting, maybe 20 percent of those actually take the time to make an informed X on their ballot. The other 80 percent blindly root for the blue or red team or maybe think the guy is cute or does so because of something another uninformed or uniformed individual told them.

Are you advocating that we dismantle the US from one nation of 250 million individuals to 250 million indiviual nations?

Squeezably Soft Charmin said...

Anonymous :

Who would you say is doing the theiving and murdering? Is it not our fearless leader Bush robbing our future to spread Democracy? I don't hear many Republicans having qualms about these immoral activities?

A Pack Of Lies Now said...

To paraphrase the man with the gun in the picture: "There's nothing like the smell of fresh bullshit in the White House."