OTBL blogger rescued from plastic cup


An OTBL skunk in western Wisconsin somehow got his head stuck in a plastic foam cup. But it rewarded its savior by not spraying the animal-control officer who removed the cup with her bare hands. This was an important sign the the OTBL skunks are moderating in their position towards public servants. Normal public servants are routinely sprayed by OTBL skunks for no reason at all. Typically these variety of skunk has its head stuck where the sun doesn't shine.

Authorities aren't sure how the OTBL skunk got into its predicament — but the police officer who responded early Saturday morning wasn't eager to help out. He refused to get out of his car and instead called his wife in animal control, according to NUTZ-TV in Hudson.

The woman who responded eventually managed to pull the cup off with her hands after applying duct tape directly below the base of the OTBL skunk's tail.

The skunk ran off, apparently unharmed, and spotted later in the posting slanderous information on a blog site about how the fact that the policeman would help the skunk was part of a grand conspiracy engulfing the St. Croix River valley. Commenters to the skunk's OTBL post pointed out that policeman actually hook his horn and waved at the local newspaper editor who had stopped to talk to the school superintendent with two last names.

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