Celebrate Cheap Labor Day

If you're a hard working entrepenuerial taxpayer like myself, I'm sure you're sick and tired of the government confiscating your money to "educate" the disrespectful little rugrats in this town. I know I am.

It's time to set things right and protect the constitutional rights of taxpayers. It's time to stop paying to educate other peoples kids. That's Socialism and I've had enought of it.

It's time for a real solutions. This fall after we elect a real Republican candidate like Mark Green, write your legislator and tell them that as a taxpayers you demand that Wisconsin's Child Labor Laws be revoked.
Join me in demanding that we get kids back where the belong, out of the classroom and into th fields and factories.
I can hear the bleeding heart liberals now crying. "Well what about the Special Ed Kids that can't work in the factories?" I say; Don't the schools need janitors and grounds keepers? Let's face facts these kids will never be Einsteins, so lets get some work out of them now. Let them earn their own keep and pay for their own "Special Ed." classes.
For too many years the valuable resource of child labor has been wasted in this state. Not only are we wasting a capital creating resource, but we're paying to have other people's kids educated. Getting rid of the child labor laws will have lots of positive effects for the people of Wisconsin.
1. We won't have to build new schools.
2. We can fire half the socialist teachers we have now.
3. We can tell the Teacher's Union to shove it!

Remember: Child Labor is Cheap Labor
and Cheap Labor is Never Easy!


6th Grade Student said...

That NUTZ!!!

Scrooge said...

They must have been earning extra money to by video games. Either that or they were trying to take jobs from slave laborers overseas.

Cato said...

I think children deserve all the rights and liberties of any rational human being, and denying them the ability to choose to go to work is immoral.

AndyRand said...

There you go again with your immoral upside down fruitcake! What's immoral is denying children the chance to receive and education!

Cato said...

I never said to deny them that choice, your the one denying people (children are people right?) choices in what to do with their lives.

AndyRand said...

Don't be rediculous. I'm sorry but don't you have any historic context of what happened to kids in sweatshops in the early 1900's. If you really want that back you're a cold hearted Scrooge.

Cato said...

This is 2006, not 1906. I never said I wanted 1906 back, I want to allow children choice about what happens in their lives in 2006.

AndyRand said...

It's 2006, so what? We've moved backwards over the last 6 years for sure. Why can't 1906 conditions return? In many places in the world they are already here and in some worse! I thought you mentioned a believe in devolution ( not your term ) when we were discussing some legal stuff and the supreme court a while back?

Cato said...

Yes, society can degress. But I submit that forced education is morally aborrent. It's the individual's choice what to do with their life.

AndyRand said...

I and the majority of America respectfully disagree.

Cato said...

I understand that you think its better to deny people the right to self-determination, but it just plain isn't right.

AndyRand said...

You're entitled to your moral upside down fruitcake opinion :-)

AndyRand said...

(children are people right?)

Children under 18 are rightfully considered minors, with appropriately limited rights.

Like I said before, you must not have kids or you'd never suggest that they
know better than adults what's better for them.
I don't want 5 year olds determining who the President of the U.S. is. though I'm sure they'd have voted with the last majority.

Cato said...

Har-har. I never suggested that all of them knew what was best for them, nor do I think it wise for them not to recieve an education. But it is wrong to force it upon them if they don't want it.

Yes, legally children are not entitled to the same things citizens are. But do not deny their humanity. We can only legally kill some children in this country due to their position in life, because I think most "real people" reason that nearly all children are people too.

Curt said...

I agree with Cato on this. AndyRand is only looking at this through the blinders of Judeo-Christian indoctrination. He should remember that Jews being former slaves worked up this idea from their practical experience. This worked its way to point now where child are being given the rule of the land. It's become more PC indoctrination instilled on the youth and adults of America from the femnists that have taken over the public school propaganda machine. Maybe seeing a few more six year olds working on the assemble lines with inspire more kids to realize that they too can get a bigger allowance by sticking their limbs into the grinding wheel. When are you socialist going to learn the nobody should be treated any different.

AndyRand said...

I guess it's wrong to "force" a sick child to take medicine as well. I'll stick to a morality that says that's OK, Dad.

If you're a fake Curt, go soak your head.
If you're the real Curt, go soak your head.

Boris said...

Hey Andy, notice how curt (real or not) always seems to fixate on the plight of the Jews? Curt's victim-envy jibberish reminds me of why he must always be self employed, if employed at all. The only thing that he has power over in this world is a simplistic sense of self worth which masks his insecurity and frustration with steadfast dicipline that is too rigid to be respected by anyone with common sense.
Oh, and he should go soak his head.

AndyRand said...

I think we should get back on topic Boris,
I saw an interesting program on PBS/Wideangle last night about educational opportunities for children around the world.

In developing countries most kids have to drop out by 8th grade for economic reasons. Even more interesting is that in Japan they have relaxed standards and cut back to a 5 day school week because the stress was overwealming too many students.
CATO: you should check it out when it becomes available online..soon.
It is long.