Oh, Tink -- You Tink!

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Media critic said...

From what I'm reading about how accurate this "Docudrama" portrays the
"facts" I think Crockorama may describe it better.

Cato said...

Interesting; Fat John, did you see it before it was released or did you just make stuff up? Did you see it? After seeing the film, what direct criticisms of it do you have? I perfer if you don't say stupid things like "it's a bunch of crap!" but really critique the film. If you didn't see it before you made this cartoon (or heck, even after), I think you should state that this cartoon is based on hearsay by others who may or may not have seen the film.

Anonymous said...


You seem to be confused about what is necessary to be part of the debate. Now where is it say politcal partidans have be armed with the facts. You can not expect all of to waddle through daily life with our brains stuffed full of the truth and facts. That's you job. I'm just going to make sure I stand back when I see you in public on your almight soapbox. You seem a little top heavy.