OTBL Bloggers Mourn Death Of Major Inspiration

L. William McNutt Jr., who built a global mail-order fruitcake business. His family-owned Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas, makes 1.5 million fruitcakes each year, shipping berry-red tins to more than 190 nations. Mr. McNutt was a pioneer in direct-mail marketing, sending out 11.5 million promotional mailings a year. Some 70% of orders come from repeat customers. He also assured his own supply of some fruitcake ingredients by starting a pecan-shelling plant in Corsicana and a pineapple farm in Costa Rica. Died Sept. 1 at age 81.

An unconfirmed rumour in the St. Croix Valley holds that the bloggers at www.ontheborderline.net, who are often compared to McNutt's fruitcakes, have actually lined the wall of the secret bunker with tins of McNutt's fruitcakes sealed protectively in duct tape. World on the street is that duct tape will protect those fruitcakes until July 4 2076. On that date, according to the Gospel of Luke, Adam Smith will ascend from atop of the of the Bank of Ayn Rand and land on the top of the Hudson school administration building and free the skunks.

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