New Richmond's Football Great: Johnny "Blood" McNally

I ran across this interesting article about football legend Johnny "Blood" McNally. He played with the Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Coach at St. John's and used to drink beer at the Shamrock in New Richmond. My old neighbor who passed away 15 years grew up with him in New Richmond and used to tell me some interesting stories about Johnny Blood. Evidently he had to exit through more than one second story window when a certain city fathers would return home unexpectedly. Anyway, that borders on idle gossip and we'll leave that for Jack Bauer at www.ontheborderline.net.
Finally, the glory of Johnny Blood
By DougMoe
IN THESE dark days for Packer Nation, there emerges a glimmer of light. No, strike that. Not a glimmer. A full meteor shower.

In a column five years ago about a colorful former Packer great named John McNally, I wrote the following: "John McNally would have made Brett Favre seem like an introverted librarian. He was also a truly great football player, among the first class of 17 inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963."

In the column I noted that it was high time for someone to "liberate NcNally from the dusty locker room of history. As far as I can tell there has been no biography written, while Favre plays in an era when an athlete publishes his autobiography before hitting 30. Too bad. McNally's worth remembering."

Read more @The Capital Times.

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