CSI, Survivor, and Flat Daddy, Beat out Shuttle Landing as News:

Why is it that as an American I have to watch the BBC to get real
American News? Shortly after 6:00 A.M. this morning the AMERICAN
Space shuttle Atlantis landed. The British Broadcasting Company, a state owned and operated news gathering operation devoted 5-7 min of live television coverage to the AMERICAN space shuttle landing.

Flipping back to CBS and other AMERICAN networks
I discovered the following headlines. Flat Daddy, Survivor, CSI, and American Idol:
10 secs. devoted to the AMERICAN space shuttle landing.
Is it any wonder we have the inept political leaders we do with an entertainment brainwashed American electorate controlled by an overly consolatdated News-O-Tainment media industry in this country? The only ideas in the "marketplace" of ideas are the ideas
that can earn that industry a buck.


Cato said...

The Space Shuttle is a waste; the people don't even care anymore.

AndyRand said...

You are Right CATO:

Mankind will be served so much better and the scientific progress of America will grow exponentially through the broadcast and cross promotion of more Survivor and CSI episodes.
What was I thinking when I insinuated that the Space program would achieve these ends?

AndyRand said...

Oh you forgot that it's only Americans that don't care anymore, unless they could witness a half dozen of our best and brightest disintegrate into a puff of smoke, then the ratings would rise.

Fat Jon said...

Americans do care. The American corporate media do not care that Americans care.

I refer you to "Who Killed CBS?" Peter J. Boyer, 1988, Random House -- a blow-by-blow account of how broadcast journalism in the USA was transformed into just another whorehouse.

AndyRand said...

Fat Jon:

"I refer you to "Who Killed CBS?" Peter J. Boyer, 1988, Random House"

I think I'll have to check that out.
I remember Dan Rather speaking at the Washington Press club back then warning about how turning the the newroom over to the bean counters would ruin real journalism. I think in the end he just could hold back the dike from bursting by himself.

Ink stained wretches look like saints compared to today's media whores.

Kalvyn Clean said...

Turning ANYTHING completely over to the beancounters is a receipe for disaster. It's a major reason that some companies are in such bad shape today.

As far as Dan Rather goes, he finally disgraced himself when he started pushing false military records of President Bush during the last election.

Fat Jon said...

I think that when folks read the book, they'll be unpleasantly surprised at Rather's complicity in putting a red light above the door of The House That Murrow Built.

I know I was.

On the other hand, Rather's bungling of the AWOL Bush story stinks to high heaven of a Rove dirty trick. He pulled almost identical stuff in Texas.

I'd Rather B. Fishing said...

I still haven't seen the proof that Bush wasn't AWOL. Maybe Rather's source wasn't creditable but I don't think Bush has proved to this day that he wasn't AWOL.

Cato said...

Uh, the "American corporate media" are a bunch of whores peddling what the people want. So no Fat jon, Americans really don't care. And even if they did, it is not government's place to do this. Defend us from alien invasion, yes. Experiement with how well mold grows in space? No. Let Richard Branson and freinds do that.

AndyRand said...

If Kennedy never made a man on the moon a priority, you might be speaking Russian now. The "Space Race" was a vital part of the Cold War.

Cato said...


Not only does that not have anything to do with the space shuttle whatsoever, but you are wrong. If the US didn't put a man on the moon then we still would have hand the economic and technological superiority over the Communists and still would have won the Cold War.

AndyRand said...

I disagree,
the space program drove much of the technological innovation in this country in the 1960's. If you'd been
alive then you'd know that :-)

Besides, I'm referring to the entire space program not just the shuttle.