Bush & His "Visionary" Thang

A golden energy vision that's not hooked on oil
Froma Harrop
Syndicated columnist

President Bush recently invited a few columnists (not me) to the White House and showcased his "visionary" thinking. He asked the columnists, reported one who was there, "to think about what the world could look like 50 years from now, with Islamic radicals either controlling the world's oil supply or not."

Here's a counter-vision: How about a world 50 years from now in which no one gives a damn who controls the oil supply? How about a world in which Islamic terrorists, al Qaida-funding sheiks and Venezuelan fruitcakes have to work for a living, because the West has slashed its demand for the oil that gushes from their ground?

Read more: Seattle Times.

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mustard said...

I think that picture captures Bush quite well. Check out his gloves. They aren't even dirty. Notice he's leaning on the shovel without a drop of sweat on him. Who in the Hell wears a causual dress shirt like that when out digging in the dirt? Another posed pictures to make Bush the everyman man.