Time to Play: Name that Anarchist!


It's the overnight game sensation that's sweeping the blogshpere.
Play as often as you like.


Cato said...

You shouldn't link with the name in it.

AndyRand said...

You cheated :-)

AndyRand said...

.......But a clever cheat indeed.
I've remedied my error. Thanks for pointing it out.

Cato said...

Anarchists are a fractured bunch; all want anarchy (the absence of government) but they have differing ideas on what that will do and what should happen after the state is out of the picture. This anarchists difference between Marx is his difference in view of how to end the government, but he had the same end in mind as Marx.

AndyRand said...

You are correct sir!.

But you have to admit he had a colorful existence.

AndyRand said...

Here's a hint for everyone but CATO:
(Who cheated, but probably knew the answer anyway).

It's another Mikhail !!!

Josh said...

don't give such easy hints!


AndyRand said...

We have a Winner!

That's Right Josh you've won an all expense paid trip to Ellsworth's annual UFO days.
Enjoy the deluxe accomodations just down the runway from the proposed Alien landing strip.
Hobnob with "Donttreadonme" "SpiritofBS", Luke, Mikhail, and other OTBL celebrities and bask in their otherworldly green glow.
But that's not all.
To better enjoy the experience, we're throwing in a case of Von Mises "Blogger Lager" and a roll of duct tape.
Congratulations Josh!!!!

666 said...

Josh beware of socialist offering prizes...UFO Day's is in Elmwood. Polka Fest is in Ellsworth. But I hear that is out of this world. You can shake your collective bootie with the Tea Party people. OTBL's Luke likes to call them late at night. He's probably checking on leads for the Willie threat letter.

Josh said...

hmm... not gonna lie, I'm scared of what their definition of hobnob will be.

AndyRand said...

Sorry guys, That green oozzie glow
fogged my glasses when I was looking at the Western WI. Map.

Josh said...

Andy you wear glasses?


DRATSUM said...

Sorry I missed my chance on this one. I was busy accummulating wealth today to participate.

I left my answer in a picture form.

AndyRand said...


Now that you've accumulated some wealth, Maybe you could make good on that bet we had?