There's Another Blog In Hudson

Someone drenced in the Hudson political scene who's office is at an exclusive address paid for by taxpayers told me there is a new blog in Hudson. This person said the Mayor made mention of the blog at a recent city council meeting. The blog is titled "Life and Politics in Hudson WI and appears to let viewers participate freely in the discussion, debate and observations -- unlike the ontheborderline.net blog eminating from the Hudson sewer district.

Check in out: www.hudsonwisconsin.blogspot.com


Josh said...

Hmm This is certainly interesting. It attracted the attention of KSTP 5 TV...

My theory is this may be someone on the Hudson City Council.

Regardless of who it is, here is an example of an anonymous blogger that seems to be rationally minded.

The OTBL'rs could learn a thing or two from HC

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Josh, but there is nothing left for us OTBL'ers to learn. We know it all.

Josh said...


haha at least you make me laugh.