Obama Gets A Salute From The Kernel

American Corn Growers Association Endorses Obama

WASHINGTON, Aug. 22, 2008 (RuralWire) – The American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) has announced their endorsement of U.S. Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States.

“When we compared the official policy statements and voting records of the two contenders for the White House, we identified an obvious choice for farm families and rural America,” announced Keith Bolin, ACGA president and a corn and hog farmer in Obama’s home state of Illinois. “We have closely studied the on-line agricultural and rural policy statements of the two candidates and their voting records. Following a meeting with the Obama campaign at our board conference in Omaha last week, the decision was clear to us. ACGA endorses and supports the election of Senator Obama for President of the United States.”

“At this time of great opportunity to rebuild not only rural America, but all America through an aggressive national commitment to renewable energy of all kinds, the voting record and policy statements of Senator Obama and Senator McCain indicate very contrasting differences,” added Bolin.

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