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Sarah Palin: An Excellent Choice McCain VP

Has anyone explored the possibility of using bullshit as an alternative fuel source? After a long weekend mixed with serious shopping, a couple of mornings of heavy duty gravel work on the driveway and three afternoons of bicycling into serious headwinds, I was still able to get in a few face-to-face discussions on the 2008 Presidential race.

One conversational encounter at the local convenience store prove quite enlightening. I stopped for water, juice and a couple of those Blue Bunny Cool Tubes, i.e. push ups and overheard an interesting political conversation between the heavyset guy and the blond girl working together behind the counter. The conversation was loud and in progress, as I shopped my way to the counter. This was on Saturday.

"I'm not going to vote for her just because she's a woman," said the girl. "I have not idea what this Palin lady stands for. I've got to learn more about her."

"She's got my vote already. She's for guns, likes to hunt and is way better looking that Hillary," said Mr. Heavyset with earrings in both his ears. Twenty years ago, that guy would have been calling a guy wearing two earrings "a goddamn faggot." Not in today's world where the rednecks what adopted the leather and earrings that sprung from the gay culture.

The girl disappeared into the cooler to stock beer. So I stuck up a conversation with earring man. I said, "So you think that Palin lady is qualified to be the Vice President of the most power country in the world? She's only been a governor for a couple of years and was a mayor before that."

"Sure she's qualified. Her qualifications cancelled out Obama's lack of qualifications," he said adding, "I'm tired of these politicians like Obama who have spent their whole live in Washington."

"He's only been a Senator since 2004," I pointed out.

"I still doing my research on him," he pointer out and added, "I still haven't figured out what Obama stands for. He says he's for "change" but I don't know what kind of change. Do you know what he stand for?"

I replied, "I think he spelled a lot of that out in his speech at the convention. Did you see that?"

"Hell no, I ain't got time to listen to that crap, but I can tell you this, I ain't voting for him."

Figuring he must be an expert on McCain, I asked, "Can you tell me what McCain stands for?"

"Well...a...not off hand," he said, adding, "I've still got to do some research on him."

There we go -- politics American style. Don't be bringing in the facts.
Anyway I think Palin is qualified to be the Vice President. George W. Bush had minimal government experience and he is still thought of as one of the greatest Presidents in our history. A woman told me that the other night. She also pointed out that she really doesn't play much attention to politics and rarely watches that news.

Palin's been the mayor of a small town. That may be more important than McCain spending five years in a POW camp and following that up with 30-whatever years as a US Senator. Biden pretty much only been an elected official his whole adult life. Obama at least has short-term experience in Illinois state government and has four years as a US Senator. Maybe Obama wants to become President so he doesn't have to join the prostitution ring that all US Senators -- except Herb Kohl -- have to get on their knees for to fund their elections.

Palin's even kneed some of the good ol' boys in the Alaska Republican Party in the ethical nuts. That's important experience in my book. That will no doubt bubble up the scum that hate her for exposing the truth. She has real life experience and is not afraid to try something new. She comes from salt-of-the-earth people and evidently knows how to sink jump shots at the buzzer. I would check to DNA to see if she has any Andrew Jackson in her. Apparently, Obama shares some of the same DNA with Chaney.

The lingering question I have with Palin is, when she shots the elk, does she know how to gut it out and quarter it up? Once that is done, does she have to carry her fair share back to camp?

Hey, but what do I know about these things. I voted for Ron Paul in 1988. Meanwhile, there will be a great deal of bullshit expended on telling us why Palin is the wrong choice. Most of that crap will becoming from the gadflies living on the East and West Coast. Those would be the sushi bar lovers who would get nervous finding themselves stranded at a Friday night fish fry with no Starbucks in sight.

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