Karl Rove- Alive, Well and Stirring the Pot in Georgia

We Are All Georgians?

Karl Rove participated in a meeting at Yalta in the Crimea, at the place where Stalin, Churchill and FDR carved up the World in 1945. The Crimea is now part of Ukraine.

The weekend event, held at the Livadia Palace, was the 5th annual YES (Yalta European Strategy) conference. Mr. Rove was a panelist on a Saturday morning plenary session: Elections in Russia and the USA: impact on Ukraine and Europe. The panel, chaired by Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, also included veteran Democratic speechwriter Bob Shrum.

Mr. Rove is a fugitive from a House Judiciary subcommittee subpoena, which summoned him to testify at a hearing on political interference at the Department of Justice, and is expected to be held in Contempt of Congress. For some unknown reason, Mr. Rove’s lawyer did not inform the House committee staffers that he was scheduled to participate in the YES conference in Ukraine.

Many of Mr. Rove’s neo-con cronies have been consultants during Ukraine’s elections, bankrolled by financier Rinat Akhmetov, said to be the richest man in Europe (assets: US $31.1 billion). Mr. Akhmetov is the major funder of the Party of Regions (Partiya Regioniv), the political party of pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor F. Yanukovich.

Prime Minister Yanukovich, from the Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine, was formerly considered a Putin puppet but is now even more popular than Ukraine President Victor Yushchenko. The American consultants do for Mr. Yanukovich and company what they do for U.S. Republicans: sell oligarchy as populism.

Who are the American lobbyists working for Mr. Yanukovich? You recently heard about one of them, Richard H. “Rick” Davis. He headed the McCain campaign until he was “outed” as a professional lobbyist and registered agent of a foreign country. Which country? The Republic of Ukraine.

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Imagine this scenerio!
The RNC builds up war hero McCain and conflict between Georgia and Russia escalates.
Guess who wins the election then?

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