61 Days To The 2008 Election

A Republican & The FOX News "Journalists" Discuss Protesting

Had to work again today and wasn't able to take part in the St. Paul street theater. Thanks to the modern miracle of Internet video posting, I was able to keep up with the action outside the convention center. Evidently, the streets around the Excel Center unexpectedly filled with people running out of the Center last night. Apparently they were escaping from the potential to suffer from acute drowsiness during Fred Thompson's speech.

The video below makes brings up some interesting points about identification of the police. On of the convention delegates is quite appalled by the "Darth Vader" look of the police. The delegate gives the impression that he actually favors Ron Paul. I suppose we will see video of him being forced to site through Joe Lieberman's speech as part of an attempt to move him back more toward McCain's brand of Republicanism. A brand not too long ago referred to as "socialism" by radio talker Mark Levine -- who said McCain was to the left of Hillary...

Next we have the FOX News morning crew -- I think. I say this because I don't have cable or dish TV and still rely on antenna-based welfare TV. However, I should point out, the wife was all fired up to get dish TV until the Brett Farve soap opera. That incident combined with a couple of recent breakfast outings at the Hudson Perkins where we were forced to watch CNN News' constant running of Sarah Palin's selection as GOP VP and other some other mindless political horse race news pulled the plug on any dish network this year. We did however spend our Bush/Congress stimulus check on two HD TVs. Since the stimulus money was borrowed from China we tried very hard to buy American made TVs. Unfortunately, we ended up with China TVs. Isn't interesting how the global economy has impacted the economic multiplier effect?

That said, I profess to be very ignorant about what actually goes on on FOX News. I own the documentary Out FOXED and find it very interesting. Being a highly respected Internet journalist myself, I'm expected to be up-to-date on "fair and balanced" journalism. Be that as it may, the following video shows an excellent example of the on-their-knees, anti-democracy journalism practiced on FOX...I've heard Al Franken talk about this on the totally unbiased airwaves of Air America radio.

After watching these videos, I am sure you will notice the gender ties of the color pink and the conflicting views of watch is right and wrong in America and how people of different perspectives see things.

And so it goes...

Of course, as I've been busy updating you with today's convention news and following the Twins, extra-innings lose to Toronto on espn.com, I missed the Sarah Palin speech on the RNC convention website. However, I'm sure Wisconsin Public Radio will have somebody talking about it tomorrow morning on my drive into work. If that is the case, I will be listening to my new CDs that I scored today: James McMurtry's "Just Us Kids" and a compilation of DOc and Merle Watson stuff called "Sittin' Here Picking The Blues" and an excellent "Best of" double CD of the New Grass Revival.

I'm wandering outside the convention coverage perimeter here, but the McMurtry stuff is excellent. His last one "Childish Things" is even better. On the way back from CD shopping at Border's, the eastbound lanes of 94 were crowed and moving along at 60 when there was a brown flash ahead and brakes coming on. A young deer tried to cross the freeway and got smacked in the hind leg and it headed for the west bound lane and ran in front of me. Poor thing had three good legs and one broken one. It was still covering a lot of ground, as it ran for its life. It reminded me out a three-legged dog I used to know on one of my bike riding routes. I hoped for the best of the little deer. However, it was running towards Michelle Bachman's house in Woodbury and she was last seen hugging Mitt Romney at the State Fair. She might not be a big help.

If you think it's bad being a deer caught in the headlights, running full blast into four lanes of eastbound, freeway traffic at high noon on a cloudless day doesn't look like a better option.

But then again, I remembered how the three-legged dog could give me a good run for my money. He wasn't going to let three legs slow him down. We became go friends over the years -- in a Sheepdog and Wiley Coyote sort of way. The is actually a web site about three-legged dogs: www.tripaws.com.

Well I must sign off for the night. The alpha dog is barking down the steps and telling to quit looking at Internet porn. I don't have the heart to tell her that I am actually covering the RNC convention for all you curious people out the in cyberspace.

One final political note. During our noontime, world issues walk at work today, one of the participants forwarded us an important insight from his 70-something dad. His dad said, concerning McCain's VP pick, "MCCain might be old, but his eyesight is still good." I told that to the wife and she reminded me that "all men are pigs -- even the good ones."

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Bark Off said...

"Well I must sign off for the night. The alpha dog is barking down the steps and telling to quit looking at Internet porn. I don't have the heart to tell her that I am actually covering the RNC convention for all you curious people out the in cyberspace"

Wow, I am pleased to read that we faced the same situation. Lols