Another Fine POS Publication

POS Vanity Printers proudly presents it's latest publication
The New Richmond Visitor's Guide to Communist Landmarks -
( by Dan Billiamson )
with forward by ontheborderline.nut's "Our View"

This voluminous work, which some say rivals "War and Peace", is a compilation of travel tips and classical liberal rants, peppered with critical reviews of Socialist ideology from the crackpot objectivist point of view.
Reviewers from Appleton's John Birch Society rave: "This is the consummate guild to Commie hunting in Western Wisconsin. If you don't bag you're limit with this fine publication, you're probably shooting blanks" The New Richmond Visitor's Guide to Communists is available online at the POS Bookstore and Ammo shop. www.POS-NRAvanitypublications.net. for the ridiculously low price of 3 payments of only $12.95. Or Call- 888-Commie and don't forget to mention Grover the Flash sent you.
Your purchase will be shipped directly to your home mailing address is a discreet brown paper wrapper.

1 comment:

Anonymous NR Commie said...

This should be a huge seller in New Richmond. I say this because, unless you tootally agree with Dr. Dan Billianson, you are a commie. Bob "propeller hat" Ziller will testify to this. If the Z-man is a commie, then the whole community is filled with commies.

I suspect the only time NR wasn't totally populated with commies were the times when the three stooges of Hudson OTBL blogger Marx, Kris and Kurt graced the school board meeting in their camo and smelling of buck scent and peanuts.