President Bush Leaves 4 Million Children Behind To Kick Off October as "Celebrate Selfishness Month"

Kicking off October as "Celebrate Selfishness Month" President Bush promises to Veto Health Care Coverage for Poor Children

When asked for his reason for the VETO the President Bush stated " I did it for the kids".

"Even though most congressional Republicans support the compromise bill to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program (sometimes also called the State Children's Health Insurance Program), President Bush intends to veto it."

The bill would “add $35 billion over five years to the program, adding 4 million people to the 6.6 million already participating. That is hardly a dent in the health coverage problem for the USA since 47 million Americans have none and most of them are children. But reducing that number by 10 million would enfeeble Bush’s record at placing children at a substantial health risk. After all, there is one’s place in history to consider.

The plan would be financed by raising the federal cigarette tax by 61 cents to $1 per pack” (link). Of course, one of the objections Bush has to the bill is that it “unacceptably raises taxes” on the products produced by the corporate constituents of the tobacco lobby.

The Bush administration, continuing its fight to stop states from expanding the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, has adopted new standards that would make it much more difficult for New York, California and others to extend coverage to children in middle-income families.

Administration officials outlined the new standards in a letter sent to state health officials on Friday evening, in the middle of a month-long Congressional recess.

Be sure to contact your Congressman, Senator and President Bush and thank him for towing the line for selfishness.


Anonymous said...

Just like the liberals to march the kiddies out. Don't any of these commies have a job?

Curt Wise said...

I think they all have jobs. I believe they sell their nuts on the internet. However, its not very profitable. Evidently their wives bring home the real bacon.

We can't afford to help sick kids said...

Too bad they could bring out the kids with terminal diseases and no health insurance. Of course their parents are too busy working 3 jobs to pay the medical bills be with their kids.
George Bush is an ideological idiot. He gave more money to Haliburton than this program would cost to help sick kids. And he call himself a "Christian" LMAO