Want Another Republican President? Support Hillary

Even George Bush is predicting Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nomoniee for President.
(And predicts her defeat to a Republican in the General Election)

"Taking a stab at political prognostication, President Bush says in a new book that Sen. Hillary Clinton will score her party's nomination but won't win the White House.

In "The Evangelical President," due to be released tomorrow, Bush says the former First Lady's name recognition and fund-raising skills are a formidable combo for upstart Sen. Barack Obama to overcome."

Here's one reason he could be right.

Anti-Hillary Facebook site tops Obama

"As the new school year gets fully under way and presidential hopefuls work the young voter circuit via social networking websites, one online group — Facebook’s “Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)” — is seriously outpacing its pro-candidate rivals in attracting new members.

With more than 418,000 members, Stop Hillary Clinton has now surpassed “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)” as the largest group for or against a presidential candidate on Facebook. (The pro-Obama group has 355,000 members.)

The anti-Clinton group is growing at 10 percent per month, said Micah Sifry, co-director of Tech President, a blog group that tracks and studies how political candidates use the Web."

"Political analysts aren’t surprised. Clinton has had a polarizing effect on voters since her days as first lady. “Hillary Clinton is one of the most divisive political figures of our time,” veteran GOP consultant Rick Wilson said. “People feel empowered by the Facebook effect. This group is growing organically. It’s not some sort of Republican plan by Karl Rove in the background.”

But Sifry believes Stop Hillary Clinton members are united not only by Clinton’s negatives but also by the fact that moderate voters in both parties, and especially in the GOP, are struggling to find a candidate to rally behind."

“Whether Republican, Democrat or independent, a lot of us can agree that we don’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House,” DeMaura said. The group “lets young adults know they’re not alone in opposing Hillary.”

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