The RNC Chairman Writes Us A Letter

The Hillary Clinton fundraising juggernaut keeps on rolling.

Dear Curt,

This week, the Clinton campaign announced that they have raised $27 million over the last three months, putting Hillary's total campaign cash at $90 million for the year. She is on pace to raise much more than $100 million by the end of the year.

But that's not all. The Democrats have taken in $100 million more than Republicans this year. And this doesn't even count the hundreds of millions of dollars Big Labor, Hollywood elites and liberal groups like MoveOn.org are raising to defeat Republicans in 2008.

If Republicans don't close the fundraising gap with the Democrats by the end of this year, we will not be able to defend our candidates from their vicious attacks and outright distortions.

Hillary is criss-crossing the country raising tens of millions of dollars from Hollywood elites, Big Labor and trial lawyers. And she's shown her true liberal colors by:

Announcing Hillary-Care 2.0 -- a one-size-fits-all health care system like the one she tried to force through in 1993, which would put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of your health care choices instead of your doctor.

Refusing to denounce the despicable and malicious attack ad that left-wing group MoveOn.org leveled against General Petraeus before his testimony last month in front of Congress -- essentially condoning slander against our troops.

Proposing more than $615 billion in new government spending to pay for her liberal schemes.

Curt, I know you have been a strong supporter of the RNC -- and I'm grateful for all you have done and continue to do for our President and our cause. You know better than most how critical early preparation and funding is to winning in 2008.

Will you go the extra mile to help retain the White House and regain Congress by making a secure online contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or $25 to the RNC today?

Republican victory begins with you. Please respond today.

Best wishes,

Robert M. "Mike" Duncan

Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Curt, Democrats and left-wing special interest groups are raising hundreds of millions of dollars to put a liberal like Hillary Clinton in the White House and expand their majorities in Congress.

Here are fair and balanced conservative links that will give you the unbiased truth about the vast left wing media conspiracy to put Hillary in the White House. Oh yea, some of these operations might be funded by millionaires and billionaires, but they are not fund by George Soros and the gang...

Media Research Center
The O'Reilly Factor
Shawn Hannity Show
The Glenn Beck Show
The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rupert Murdoch, owner of the FOX network, has a network of $9 billion.

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Anti Faux News Phan said...

Here's one conservative that either has Alzheimer's, see the writing on the wall and is feathering his bed, or wants Hillary to win the Democratic nomination because he believes Republicans can beat her.(And they are probably Right) We don't need another corporatist in the White House. Remember Hillary Care failed, Nafta and WTO didn't.

Conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch will host a fundraiser for liberal New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Financial Times reports.

The mating ritual of the unlikely allies has been under way for months. Clinton set political tongues to wagging last month by attending a Washington party celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fox News, the cable news channel owned by Murdoch.