Welcome Sleepless Hudson Observer Readers

I couldn't sleep last night so I pointed my brower to onthebordeline.net. It worked like a charm. After reading just a few sentances of N.Onimous. I was out like a light. I highly recommend reading ontheborderline.net when you have trouble sleeping at night. It's as good a prescription medications and with absolutely no chance of becoming
habit forming.
For the forelorn, check out ontheborderline's HOT RUSSIAN BABE
ontheborderline.net has become a "One Stop Internet Shopping Center" for the mentally unstable and psychotic residents of St. Croix Valley. Best of all it's free.
If you're really in the market for promotional items. Checkout the ontheborderline.net online
gift shop. This week there's a special on "hot pink headbands" (just like the borderliners wear) also available in lavender.
Oh, and tell them Luke sent you.


Dr. Liberty said...

Wait a minute. Are you saying that the borderwhiners' talent for cut-n-pasting the same material over and over and over and over and over and over again is sleep inducing? Funny how that works.

CANRAC said...

I understand many college psychology labs are going online to OTBL to study the rants and getting some outstanding research accomplished on nut cases. One professor claimed it eliminated his need for a text book.

Carl Jung said...


I've heard the NSF (National Science Foundation) is researching OTBL to see if they are a new and distinct species?
But the researchers keep nodding off.

Rip Van Trickle said...

OTBLesta works great!
I couldn't sleep one night, so I started reading a couple SpiritofBS and bildanielson sagas. I fell asleep in no time. But I had this nightmare that G.W. Bush won the election for President TWICE! And Dick Chaney was V.P.
Thank God it was only a bad dream.

Mr. Blank said...

I've tried this stuff and I don't think it works that well. If find I'm up all night putting stupid comments on the local newspaper using other peoples names. I've thought about using my own name, but then people would find out what a highly intellectual I am. Being the shy quiet guy who seldom speaks up in public and always takes time to listen to others. It's easy to be humble when you're as great as me. Excuse me, I've got call the Tea Party and tell what a bunch of two-faced trolls they are.

slumberland said...

Mr. blank....

Did you read the disclaimer.


In order to benefit from the mind numbing effects of Obtlestra, users must enter the OTBL website with total acceptance that OTBL posters and Only OTBL posters know, privately own and operate "THE TRUTH" and all other claiments to truth are of course imposters.
So, if you're having trouble sleeping. Go back to OTBL and this time FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.