Hudson blogger Luke denies losing his mind...

He said he has only misplaced it. He continues to search for it, when not making stupid comments in the local newspaper blogs.

...he added that his face has been feeling flushed lately.

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Anonymous said...

since you have become a fan of Von Mises, I thought you might be interested in his exact quote concerning education and western Europe. I threw an extra one in for free.

Ludwig von Mises; Western Europe developed the system of obligatory public education. It came to Eastern Europe as an achievement of Western civilization. But in the linguistically mixed territories it turned into a dreadful weapon in the hands of governments. Omnipotent Government pp. 82-83 Education

Ludwig von Mises; The modern American high school, reformed according to the principles of John Dewey, has failed lamentably, as all competent experts agree, in the teaching of mathematics, physics, languages, and history. Economic Freedom and Interventionism