OTBL Starts New Training Program

Do you hate the government as much as we do?
Are you tired of your hard earned money being confiscated to
teach other peoples kids how to read and write?
Are you sick of "Public Highways".
Well stand up and do something about it!
At ontheborderline.net we hate taxes with a vengence.
That's why we've started the OTBL Anti-Government
Mercenary Training Center and Spa.
You start with basics of Government hatred.
Lew Rockwell.com, The CATO intitute, Libertarians Anonymous
and more. You'll learn the truth about WEALTH CREATION and
Government Confiscation and get a firm philosophical base and insights into
why OTBL bloggers are always right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Phase II: Making a difference.
Take is cheap, weapons cost money!
We believe in the 2nd Amendment and we're not ashamed of it!
We've acquired the largest aresenal of weapons for training this side of
the St. Croix. Learn from our expert marksmen how to put tin cans out of
their misery before you can say April 15th.

Spreading the Word:
Our expert bloggers have been preaching Freedom and Liberty for almost
3 years now. Can you say Tradition. That's what the "OTBL Anti-Government
Mercenary Training Center and Spa" is all about, a fine 3 year tradition of fighting
government at every juncture.
Got pesky teacher spouses defending public schools. We have a program to deal with them.
Have a local fishwrapper that cowtows to the whims of local educrates. No problem.
Our psychological warfare and intimidation team is ready with instruction that works.
Bring the whole family for a our Next Fun Filled Anti-Government Training Session.
Payment accepted in cash, or better yet Gold Boulion. You'll find our training rates among
the most reasonable of any other crackpot organization preaching the destruction of Government Tyranny.
Call 1-800-McVeigh to secure your reservation today.

1 comment:

Hot tub Harry said...

That Spa thing. Does that mean you have King sized, blogger shaped Hot tub like Pawlenty's? If so I'm in.
Where so I sign up.