Change is good -- even on the borderline!

Regular followers of the St. Croix Valley bolg scene will have noticed by now that the On The Borderline blog that oozes out of Hudson has made a few changes in its layout and focus.

The entire visual look of the blog has been updated to reflect the only colors they understand: black and white. Anonymous names have disappeared from the posts to further protections of the guilty.

The whole focus of the blog seems to have switched to New Richmond. One reason is that good citizens of the Hudson community have totally rejected their anti-community agenda of personal attacks and misinformation. Evidently they think there's a niche for them in New Richmond. Likewise, they have run off some of their former members by attacking any local Republican for supporting anything would help the local communities grow and prosper. They've attack State Senator Shelia Harsdorf and State Rep. Kitty Rhoades, calling them RINOs (Republicans in name only). I guess you can eat only so much of your own before you reach the tipping point that sinks you to the bottom of the cesspool of rejection.

We will still continue to monitor the OTBL blog and to make sure the local communities are updated on their anti-community antics. It's been our job here since day one. Our mission of "riding herd on the skunks in the St. Croix Valley" still stands. They might have changed the color of their underwear, but the skid marks still show through.

For those who haven't visited their site yet, here's a look at the changes that have taken place...a before and after look.

As you'll recall, this is what the OTBL blog looked like prior to the changes last week:

Here's the new look of the OTBL blog:

Always remember...

"Sometimes in politics one must duel with skunks, but no one should be fool enough to allow the skunks to choose the weapons."
Lester R. Bittel

1 comment:

If I were an OTBLer this is what I'd say said...

Gee Kowboy,

I thought you'd get it? But you don't.
Poison mixed with anything is still poison. Black is Black and White is white and grey is for sissy Rinos.
There can be no compromise from TRUTH and TRUTH is what we say TRUTH is.
If only 2 true OTBL believers remain to pass on TRUTH to New Richmond and beyond, that's the price of FREEDOM.