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If you need a non-prescription sleep aide, visit ontheborderline.nyet. ( or read some of the full length propaganda comments from the OTBL blogger that thinks he's damaging our reputation
by posting thousands of meaningless articles about Marxism and "School Choice" from fine object sources like "The CATO Institute" Now that's entertainment!)
Sweet Dreams


Anonymous said...

Nelson, nice Von Mises quote. Here's another Jefferson quote that advocates the importance of public education:

"A system of general instruction, which shall reach every
description of our citizens from the richest to the poorest, as
it was the earliest, so will it be the latest of all the public
concerns in which I shall permit myself to take an interest."

You are obviously well informed and are doing an excellent job exposing the liars in this debate.

No Doze said...

Yeah, and he's doing it without putting everybody to sleep.